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Thread: Antenna help needed

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    Smile Antenna help needed

    This is Dave, kc2tfx, new member spending Winter at 69th and Olive in Peoria. I could really use some help here in tight spaces with my Cushcraft R-7 vertical. It performs but not to it's potential. I also have the TAKTENNA 40m version constructed but not up and operational. Anyone with an analyzer would be one big bonus. Anyone game for a antenna party in warmer conditions?
    Thanks, 73 and looking forward to the next meeting.
    Dave kc2tfx

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    How very disappointing replying to my own post. One hundred thirty six viewings not one reply dating to February 13th. Not one offer of help. It heightens my faith in the "brotherhood " of amateur radio. Thanks so much. Please do not waste any efforts at tickling the keyboard at this point as I'm leaving the area for the Summer. Yes, I'm an outsider which may very well explain your hesitancy?
    73 enjoy your Summer

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    Don't give up yat, Dave

    Hi Dave,
    I don't know if you will ever read this, but I'm asking you not to give up hope for help. I'm also new here, and new to this club. I have noticed that posts don't seem to engender responses or action, so I pose this thought. I believe you can read this message board without being a member of the local club. In that vein, I wonder if there were 120 or so readings of your post from non-club members. ?? Just trying to be positive about the club and its members. The fellows offering the extra class license exam seem very much like dedicated volunteers. I hear they have club volunteers make presentations at meetings on a regular basis.

    Perhaps your best chance for help may be to attend a meeting when you are back in this neck of the woods, and once again require assistance, and ask for help then. Not everyone is retired like us. Therefore, the ones who might be able to help may have time constraints. Also, not everyone is as physically enabled as others. In my case, I am a handiham.

    It is much more difficult to turn down a person asking for help when one is face to face with them. Of course, the help(er) needs to have the right qualification's. Maybe there are no antenna experts or persons familiar with your antenna in the club.

    Regardless, keep your faith.
    "never had an elmer" (implication: Wish I did and still did")
    From one 2 call to another, KB2NFQ

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