The East Valley Astronomy Club has arranges for their January meeting, to have Dr. Michael Barratt, as their Speaker. Due to the anticpated large turnout, EVAC extended an invitaion to members of my astronomy Club (Saguaro Astronomy Club). I had reserved two seast and as it turns out the person I invited is unable to attend.

Therefore I find myself with an extra seat for this presentation and am offering it to the first person to respond to this thread.

From the EVAC announcment:
EVAC is hosting a special speaker for the January 18th meeting. He is Dr. Michael Barratt, who is a NASA Astronaut, with two trips to the ISS. The first was to/from via Russian Soyuz for a 199 day stay, and the second was the final flight of the shuttle Discovery. He is a fantastic speaker (I heard his presentation up in Oregon this past summer), and has some very interesting photos, videos, and stories to share with us.

The meeting is at 7:30 PM, Jan 18th. To guarantee your reservation, you need to be “in the room” by 7:20 PM. The meeting is at our usual location, at the Gilbert Regional Library, at the S/E corner of Guadalupe, and Greenfield Rd in Gilbert, Arizona.

If intersted let me know.