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Thread: FD 2015 and Thanks de K7QO

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    FD 2015 and Thanks de K7QO


    I did not get a chance to personally thank those individuals that helped me Saturday night about 8:30pm
    when I took a tumble in the driveway. I was headed for the car to get the phone to call the wife and
    did not have a flashlight. Dumb on my part. I know.

    I stumbled on the rocks on the edge of the driveway and fell head first into the rocks. Nasty.

    A number of people came to my aid and gave me first aid and for that I am very grateful. Thanks
    a million. Sorry to scare you. I probably looked pretty bad at the time. And thanks for the help
    in getting the band aids to cover things up. I didn't get names and for that I am sorry.

    I managed to recover and operated the CW station until 4am. I left and drove back to Peoria.

    Today I look like I got into a bar room brawl and I'm the guy that lost the fight. :-) Had more
    injuries than I thought. But, none serious and I will recover nicely. Time will tell if I have
    scars left over.

    Thanks for the honor of getting to operate the station. It was fun..I was pretty rusty.
    Fun to hear a Russian on 80m early in the a.m. and even worked a few JA's on 40m.
    They had a contest going below 7.025MHz.

    Thanks to Ian and others that sat with me and helped monitor the CW skimmer display.
    Hopefully you learned something in the process. Next year you get to operate and I'll
    help you. Study. There will be a quiz later.

    Next year I won't be out after dark. :-)


    chuck, k7qo

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    Glad your fall didn't stop you operating. It would have been a long way to drive just to bang your head and go back home!

    Another war story for the next CW class?

    Andy k3wyc

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