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Thread: Wouxon manual programming

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    Wouxon manual programming

    I believed everyone else who said it was almost impossible to manual program the Wouxon HTs. However, since the EmComm class required the ability to manual program the radio, I spent a few hours getting familiar with it and wrote a manual programming guide.

    I found out that it is actually very easy to program the Wouxon once you understand the menu action sequence and know which menu items to use.

    My guide is for the KG-UVD1P but it is probably applicable to many other Wouxon models. Email me if you'd like a copy. The file exceeds the attachment file size limit.

    Andy k3wyc

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    Hi Andy,
    My xyl has the kg-uvd1p and finds it extremely annoying to program. Your guide may be very helpful. I am Dave, kc2tfx soon to be a snowbird looking forward to renewed contacts with the membership. My e-mail is Thanks and 73

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    Hi Andy,
    I e-mailed you re your guide.
    73 Dave kc2tfx

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