I was doing a little looking into hairpin matches in advance of the tape measure yagi project. I found this:


The most interesting bit:

another idea is to make a long hair pin match (twice the size), and secure it to the boom of the antenna, then use a shorting bar and slide it up and down like one of this slide rules until you see the perfect match then make notes length/posi etc etc and then take the Proto Type hair pin match off and compeer notes to specs and build the real deal.

it will save you a lot of hassle as wherever you put the shorting bar, well of course it a matching device so it will ignore the rest of the metal beyond the shorting bar as its a short, so it wont see it. I have done the same things to other matching devices/contraption.

If everyone has different gauges / kinds of wire, odds are good our hairpin matches will be off. Should we standardize on one gauge? I don't know if this will make a difference on receive, but probably will on transmit.