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Thread: DMR - Code plug needed

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    DMR - Code plug needed

    Just purchased a TYT MD-2017 dual band analog and DMR handheld. Does anyone have a DMR Code Plug for Airzona for this radio or for a TYT MD-380?
    Ken - NX7B

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    I found this one:

    No idea if it's any good. There are a number of closed DMR repeaters in the Phoenix area which makes a generic code plug tricky.

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    I have codeplugs for both radios. DMR is exploding over 88,000 users. Tucson has new MMDVM repeater on Tucson MTN which is called a Multi Mode Repeater. Typically a Fusion repeater interfaced with Raspberry Pi computer turns repeater into quad mode offering DMR/Brandmeister, D*, Fusion & analog.

    Las Vegas has roughly 4 DMR Brandmeister repeaters on Mt Potosi latest addition is a VHF. Buckeye has new Brandmeister repeater. Greens PK will soon have a UHF BM repeater.

    Brandmeister repeater on Usery Pass 446.350 CC1

    Within next few months will bring a UHF Brandmeister repeater near HRO.

    Digital hotspots bring the radio to you. 20mw transmitter works Brandmeister, D*, Fusion & P25.

    As far as DMR MARC our ID # are assigned through them & I use MARC data dump file to update my radios callsign database.

    In all states besides Arizona, DMR MARC repeaters are generally open & offer a wide range of Brandmeister talkgroups.

    Zumspots costing $120 from HRO or eBay, pre assembled in aluminum case. Users tether to phone or use internet Hotspot most common freedom FreedomPop who offers monthly service up to 1gb monthly for free.

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