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Thread: Greetings from the Greatland

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    Greetings from the Greatland

    I just joined the group and look forword to meeting the membership, and paying my dues. I winter down here in Peoria and rather new to ham operations. I have managed to obtain my Extra license, and found a Yeasu 101EE to set up when I get there next week. I had a 101 many years ago, so I look forward to getting reacquainted.

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    Welcome Bill, I am a recent new member to the club myself and noticed your comment on the forum. The club meetings are great with great attendance (30-40 people) and the presentations are interesting. However, there seems to be very little active discussion here on this forum if you look at the dates of some of the most recent posts. Not sure why that is but certainly come to the next meeting and plenty of people to meet and provide help. We do introductions at the beginning of the meeting so be sure to let membership know if you're looking for help in a particular area. I just figure I'd at least acknowledge your comment in case nobody else does. 73's Mike KB7IUV

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