FWD: Queen Creek Amateur Radio Club

Greetings All,
EVQRP will be hosting another Gathering Of the Willing next Tuesday evening. We will gather at the Ocotillo Pavilion in the back of the park across from the baseball fields and just Southeast of the restroom building. We will start around 17:00hrs. We usually go until around 21:00/21:30hrs. We will set up 3 stations and see how many contacts we can make.

On Wednesday evening we had a great time. Christi (KG7NAD), Troy (K7TJK), Rick (W9JRF) and myself were in attendance. I made 1 CW contact to Vermont, Dorothy (KA1LDH) had a strong signal into Arizona. We were having a good QSO on 20m and the band changed and she started fading, we said our 73 and she was in my log. The big contacts of the evening went to Rick (W9JRF). After my QSO I heard him making a contact on 40m I believe. Christi was sitting next to me watching me do CW. Rick had his headphones on and we heard him say his contacts name as Bud. Then I heard Rick repeat his contacts call sign as W3FF. I told Christi and Troy that was Budd Drummond from Buddipole. I motioned for Rick to remove his headphones, I told him that was Budd from Buddipole and to let Budd know that he was using a buddipole setup and also let him know about his coil problem.

Rick's setup at the park is his FT-817 and his antenna is usually and Buddipole set up in the vertical configuration, which is has been having excellent results with. Rick described his problem with the coil and Budd gave him his email address and told him to email him and he would take of it for him. Pretty cool for Budd to do that. I have always heard great things about the Buddipole people when it comes to making good on their products. It was a great contact and I believe one that Rick will remember. If you remember back a couple months ago Andy (KG7KWG) came to a Gathering and set up his Buddistick and his second contact was with Budd (W3FF). I believe Andy will always remember that contact as well. Rick's next contact was with Ed (ZL4IR). Ed had a strong signal into Arizona from New Zealand. He gave Rick a 5/8 and they had a quick QSO then I grabbed the Mike and made a contact as well. He gave me a 5/8 and we had a short QSO as well.

We had a great time as always and of course there was plenty of good fellowship along with a great time playing radio. I hope to see you on Tuesday evening at Desert Mountain Park. Have a great weekend and remember the QC Amateur Radio Club breakfast is Saturday morning at the IHOP in Queen Creek and 08:00hrs. Remember to stay radioactive.

73, Dave AC7FF