I recently have had problems running JT-65. The clock wouldn’t stay in sync, even using Dimension4. The decodes would paint after the transmitter had turned on. Sometimes no decodes at all.

I run JT-65 on a Win7 machine, and ran the usual checks. Mcfee virus scanner and Wise Registry cleaner. Finally I started Task Manager. Change to the performance tab, and it showed CPU usage was almost 100% and ˝ of my memory was in use even though I wasn’t running any thing.

The Windows Update process (wauserv) was running, consuming about 50% of CPU resources, even though I had updates set to notify but not download or install.

Nothing should be running to load the CPU. I Googled for wauserv and found helpful web sites. One indicated that Microsoft had introduced a bug that caused the update process to hang. There is a patch, KB3050265. I downloaded and ran the patch and it seemed to help. There was a list of other patches which it also loaded.

There are also issues with Microsoft TrustedInstaller . A memory leak eats at your usable core and usage climbs to over 2 gig.

Updates has introduced a new problem. Microsoft CompatTelRunner.
This monstrosity is installed for anyone that participates in the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program. It collects and sends information to Microsoft to prevent install problems for Windows 10. It is an overhead drain on resources. The main culprit is KB2976978. Try this one first. Also KB2952664 and KB2977759. Uninstalling these will help.

If you want to be able to run the programs you want, set your update mode to notify but not auto install. Practice safe updating :>}

I also found another process called “unallocated.barefruit.co.uk which apparently is malware. This is a browser re-director which sends packets to the Ethernet. I’m not sure what they contain but this is something to be rid of. Malware bytes got rid of it, but it comes back sometimes.

If you have problems with CPU usage close to 100% or memory usage > 2 ig for and idle system, send me an email, I may be albe to help

Gary AF7BJ - ghcline@cox.net