If you want to work Navassa Island, K1N, but have not managed it yet, try this ATNO opening on Saturday. ATNO means you have never worked this DX before with any mode on any band. If operators respect this instruction the pile ups should be much smaller than they have been.


"SATURDAY, Feb 14, will be ATNO (All Time New One) DAY on 20M SSB between 1300-2400Z.

14.240 (plus/minus) will be our transmit frequency, listen for instructions. ONLY ATNO stations will be logged.

Saturday will be our leaving day and we'll have three stations on after day break, but not always manned before the last helicopter flight leaves Saturday -- but the 20M ATNO station will be on continously except for helicopter arrival/departure. After the last flight on Saturday, all three remaining stations will be on until daybreak Sunday when we go QRT."

All K1N operations are SPLIT. Make sure you are not transmitting on the DX frequency. Remember to listen, listen, listen before talking.

Andy k3wyc