This HF Yagi system was recently donated to the club. We would like to make it available to the membership before releasing it to the amateur community. I would rate the condition as excellent. It includes the Cushcraft MA5B Yagi which is operates on 20 / 17 / 15 / 12 / 10 meters. The really cool thing is that this is not a huge antenna needing a tower and all the expenses associated with a large antenna mount. It can be mounted on a push up mast attached to the peak of your roof.

Included in this package is the Yaesu G450 rotor which includes the bottom mast mount (a $40 value, not shown). I have tested the rotor and it runs like a watch, silent and smooth. The antenna picture shows the antenna with the rotor mounted below.

The only other items needed to complete this system that is not provided is a mast, coax and rotor cable.

The retail value of this package is over $800. The club is willing to sell it for $400.

If interested please call Gary Duffield 602 843 7724