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  1. Ringo has been spoken for. Chuck I will let you...

    Ringo has been spoken for. Chuck I will let you know the next time I am in the area.

    Still taking offers on the other 2 not sure what they are worth, hence no asking price listed. I am sure...
  2. Ringo Ranger- Free, Cushcraft R-6000, Alpha Delta Sloper

    I have a Ringo Ranger 2M antenna that was given to me and I have never used. Free to good home, preferably to new HAM just starting out.

    Cushcraft R-6000 vertical for sale. Has not been used in 2...
  3. Thread: Yaesu Repair

    by K7NNR

    Yaesu Repair

    Anyone have experience with sending equipment in to Yaesu for repair or know someone local that can take a look at a FT-897? I finally got my radio un-boxed after 4 years of sitting and one of the...
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