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    Palo Verde Siren Test

    Wednesday November 8, 2017
    If you are interested in doing the Palo Verde Siren Test please email , David N7TWT (n7twt@arrl.net) and he will put you on the list.
    For more info see : http://westvalleyarc.org/palo_verde_siren_test.html

    AZ QSO PARTY 2017
    October 14 and 15, 2017
    Two operating periods:
    1600Z (10th) to 0600Z (11th) (9am-11pm ...

    Now that we are into 2014, I would like to invite all TBARC members to think about joining the EmComm Team. As you may be ...

    Based on the 2014 Election Results the Thunderbird Amateur Radio's Officers for 2014 are:

    President Gary Duffield WK7B 602.843.7724
    Vice President Chris Johnson 602.456.2456
    Secretary Jack York KE7VOU 602.318.7530
    Treasurer Warren Gaspar NU7R 602.796.6319
    Directors: Andrew Cornwall KF7CCC
    Bryan Stembridge N7BES
    Rick Tejera K7TEJ
    Jim Moore WB7ENX
    Past President Walt Reinert N7GDP 602.938.8219
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    Revealed at the December meeting, here are the results of the election. Your TBARC officers for 2013 are:

    Walter Reinert N7GDP President
    Al Johnson AE7GM Vice President
    Jack York KE7VOU Secretary
    Warren Gaspar NU7R Treasurer
    Director (2013/2014) Gary Duffield WK7B

    Carry Over from 2012
    Director (2012/2013) Rick Tejera K7TEJ
    Past President Jim Puza AE7JP

    Director (2012) Israel Vicente AD7ND
    Director (2013) Andrew Cornwall KF7CCC