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    Thanks to some work done by a crew of TBARC volunteers who went out to the Deer Valley hospital today, our 147.040 repeater is now linked to the White Tanks 446.150 repeater. This expands our coverage, and we hope it will help the people who are stuck behind mountains access the system.

    Thanks to all who volunteered to do the work!
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    The 2013 Arizona QSO Party was a great success for TBARC. We won the award for Multi Op Multi Transmitter category with 74,784 points - the second highest score in the contest.

    Congratulations to K6OZY Chris, KI6FCT Alan, AD7ND Israel, KD7RCJ Jack, KE7VOU Jack, N7BES Bryan, N7GDP Walt, and N3AIU Nick for their efforts. Watch Nick working the pileup here. Thanks to all involved!

    TBARC has a classified ads section. It's open for all to browse, but only TBARC members may post there.

    Click here to go to the classified ads section.

    Formal message traffic handlers, click here for the ARRL Radiogram.

    Here's a few quick guidelines for formal message traffic:
    • Don't read the field names, just their information. Exceptions: start with "Number" and read "Hotel X-ray" if there is a value.
    • Spell anything that might be mistaken (to vs too vs two vs figures 2)
    • Break between recipient and text, and between text and signature
    • Use standard ICAO/NATO phonetics when spelling
    • Use "say again" rather than "repeat"
    • If the check disagrees with what you have, go back and check with the sending station
    • X (x-ray) counts as a word to separate sentences, but never comes at the end of the message
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    We met in Flagstaff for Field Day 2014, hosted by ex-president Jack Lunsford KD7RCJ.

    The points are still being counted up, but ...
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    Pictures from Field Day 2014. Thanks to Joseph KG7KJT for taking them!

    Additional pictures from Gary AF7BJ:

    More Field ...
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    On Saturday, June 21 TBARC EmComm volunteers joined with Salvation Army and MCECG volunteers to learn about handling formal message traffic in a jointly-organized ...

    Early on the morning of June 14, we moved the 147.040 repeater from the Sonoran Medical Center to JCL Deer Valley Hospital.

    The link radio was not fully installed yet. It will be operational shortly, but the stand alone 147.040+ PL 162.2 repeater appears to have good range. Gary WK7B would like to hear some distance reports.

    Thanks to those who braved the early morning hours:
    • Gary Duffield
    • Kent Fuge
    • Walt Reinert
    • Mike Sussman
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