Website report for September 2017 board meeting

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TBARC Website status:
Web domain is valid until May 2020

What I've done since last board meeting:
  • Updated programs based on Israel's latest
  • Moved VE into its own section (Exam Sessions)
  • Switched over to $12.50 renewal
  • Unentitled non-renewed (311 user records by hand)
  • Entitled new users
  • Updated hot topics
  • Fixed links for ARRL VEC

What I'd like to do:
  • Update programs based on Israel's latest
  • Ask Chris about https login
  • Ask Chris if we can enable website for members only if paid
  • Entitle new users
  • Any presentations to upload
  • Clean up front page
  • Get offsite backups running
  • Document passwords / accounts

Places where we need more info:
  • Any new events?
  • Any new education?
  • Any old stuff that needs to come down?
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