3 degrees of seperation?

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Every now and again I'm surpised at how small this world can become. One would think talking to people around the world on a regular basis on the radio, one would take that for granted, but once in a while something happens the drives the point home.

oOne of my regular Satellite contacts, Bob AJ5C, whose home QTH is Arkansas (EM36), was spendin the winter with friends in the Dominican Republic. He'd been browsing around on youtube and sent me this little snippet:


Imagine my surpise to see me calling CQ from the Thunderbird Hamfest. Seemed funny to be told of my two minutes of fame by a guy who live in Arkasas who was in the Domincan Republic. YUp It's a small world.

Stay tuned for Images and a report on the flight of ANSR-66 from the Yuma hamfest

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