Website report for November 2016 board meeting

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TBARC Website status:
Web domain is valid until May 2020

What I've done since last board meeting:
  • Updated Elmering section to indicate members only
  • Delete digi modes class, tech class, AZ QSO Party signups from main page
  • changed front page to display 8 on top articles
  • Oct 20 program update, front page article
  • Nov program update
  • Added Moderator w/ File Edit group so Clair can update roster on the web
  • Updated roster on web
  • Xmas party announcement / update general meeting date & location
  • Updated Andy's presentation topic

What I'd like to do:
  • Radio declaration pic
  • Any presentations to upload
  • Clean up front page
  • Update minutes/agendas
  • Get offsite backups running
  • Document passwords / accounts

Places where we need more info:
  • Any new events?
  • Any new education?
  • Any old stuff that needs to come down?
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