Lost Sleep

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I normally get up at 0430 to get to work on time. As much of a pain as that is Iíll endure it as I get out of work and home with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day, plus I miss all the traffic.. So I do enjoy the opportunity to sleep in on weekends (which is usually about 0700-0800, something my daughter, who can sleep till noon, canít comprehend). So why on earth would I get up at that early on a weekend?? Radio, of course. This past weekend I dragged myself out of bed early to help man out Special Event Station W7A, Celebrating Arizonaís Statehood Centennial.

The Station was set up at the Thunderbird School of Global management in our old meeting room, long since outgrown. Also arriving early to set up, Walt; N7GDP, Al; AE7GM, Andy; K3WYC, Steve; K7LSQ, Chris; K6OZY, Gunny, WA6AYS, and Angel KF7SLO. I think thatís all..

Anyway we began the antenna set up. Stringing up three G5RVís using the infamous Spud gun. The tall skinny palm just outside the building proved to be fun, took us about ten tries before we got the line up. Steve set up his Buddypole in the courtyard and Chris set up a network so we could log to one central file to save merging them for QSLing later. Iíve dubbed Chris ďDigital ManĒ, no small irony one of his favorite band is Rush (For those unfamiliar, one of their songs is titles Digital Man).

It was just after 0900 when we were ready to get on the air. I worked 20m Phone with Gunny logging and made a pretty good number of contacts. Even got to work though a pile up, it was nice to be the guy everyone wants to work for a change.

I kept trying to get Gunny on the air, but he seemed to be happy logging and BSíing. One day, Iím gonna get him to key up, itís now my goal!

After about 2 hours working phone, I took a break and logged for Walt and Chris and worked the PSK station for while. Mike K7DD had since arrived and set up a 43 foot vertical and as usual worked CW. Steve had set up in the corner and was quietly working Digital & CW. Chris being Chris, was trying to work pretty much every Digital mode he could. He even got a few SSTV contacts in the log. Still have to get my self set up to try SSTV.

Things dies down a bit around Midday, but started to pick up again as afternoon rolled around. Israel Ad7ND had made his appearance by then and worked JT65, though with difficulty as we were getting stomped on by RTTY signals on the JT65 calling frequencies. Seems there was a RTTY contest going on. I think we did get a few JT65 QSOís logged. I finished off day at W7A working some PSK31 before it was time to go and get over to the Hockey game that evening (BTW Coyotes won 3-0).

I didnít get a chance to man the station on Sunday or make a QSO as I was out most of the day, but Iím sure those that were there had a good time as well.

So it well worth dragging my self up early on Saturday to enjoy some good radio fun with a great bunch of fellow hams.

Guess what? Iíll be up even earlier next Saturday as we head down to Yuma for the Hamfest/SW Convention. Looking forward to more lost sleep.

Till then, 73