Website report for March 2012 board meeting

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TBARC Website status:
Web domain is valid until May 2012 (need to renew)
Web hosting is valid until July 2013
Email account is valid until Feb 2014

What I've done since last board meeting:
  • Added all of the galleries
  • Added article on W7A to front page
  • Updated calendar to include Walt's W7A info
  • Added all 2011 meeting agendas
  • Added all 2011 meeting minutes
  • Added members-only section
  • Added committee overview
  • Added 2012 minutes and agendas
  • Added calendar entries for Field Day
  • Changed times in calendar for board meeting
  • Archived W7A article
  • Added link from old.w7tbc.org to www.w7tbc.org
  • Gave upload permissions to Israel (presentations)
  • Turned on blog permissions for TBARC Users
  • Added article with new constitution / uploaded it to members-only area
  • Added board/general minutes for February
  • Added board/general agendas for March
  • Corrected links for education download areas to w7tbc.org
  • Uploaded Jim's chapter 3 to extra education area
  • Updated committee overview for 2012

What I'd like to do:
  • Get offsite backups running
  • Document passwords / accounts
  • Get board up to speed with article submission

Places where we need more info:
  • Any new events?
  • Any new education?
  • August 2011 presentation
  • October 2011 presentation
  • January 2012 presentation
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