electron tubes for the transatlantic cable.

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The above name will bring up a number of sources to the Bell and British Post Office development and production of tubes for repeaters in the marine cables. I would guess that many of us who grew up with tubes seldom studied about tubes with a 20 plus year life span.

The BPO used 3 tubes per repeater, Bell used 2. They were pentodes. The materals were refined to a point where the chance of cause of failure could not be traced to mineral content, plating, thermal expansion, or out gassing degrading
the mica insulators.

Not only were the tubes developed in the labs, but the production was performed there under the direction of the engineers.

These tubes were developed during the 30s and 40s. Suspended during WWII except for life testing.

I hope some of you will find this source of interest.

73 de KF7SLM, Jim
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