Website report for August 2014 board meeting

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TBARC Website status:
Web domain is valid until May 2015
GoDaddy credit of $2.51 (for service outage less mini storage) expires September 2014

What I've done since last board meeting:
  • Fixed broken hot topic link
  • Updated Contact Us page with email addresses
  • Added General class course to main, licensing pages
  • Unsubscribed two members from MailChimp
  • Added image for "Contact Us" page, republished.
  • Created emcomm section
  • Added meeting times to meetings page
  • Gave Jack permission to upload minutes
  • Updated website users with new callsigns
  • Disabled LSQ emails on website
  • Added ARRL Radiogram in EmComm section
  • Added W1AW-7-club-master.zip
  • Added board/regular minutes for July
  • Updated net control schedule
  • Updated users on website / MailChimp to 2014-08-12

What I'd like to do:
  • Additional PayPal links for store (shirts, etc)
  • Get offsite backups running
  • Document passwords / accounts

Places where we need more info:
  • Pictures of coffee mugs for online store
  • Any new events?
  • Any new education?
  • Any old stuff that needs to come down?
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