Wh2xar / nr5o reception reports

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Hi All,
I'm currently authorized part 5 experimental license WH2XAR. I'm currently running test transmissions on 475.4 kHz from 0100 to 0700 UTC transmitting on the half hour for 5 minutes. During the break between CW transmissions I'm running WSPR on 474.2 kHz.

If anyone can tune the 630 meter band (472 - 479 kHz) see if you can hear me. All reports are greatly appreciated.

I run a down converter from 28.474.2 MHz to 630 meters. The power into a 50 ohm dummy load is right at 25 watts. The antenna is an inverted L tuned with a variometer to match nearly 1.2:1. I measured the RF current and the erp is approximately 500 milliwatts. I'm authorized to use most of the narrow band digital modes at 1 watt ERP but waiting for 25 W grant.

So far the best ground wave DX is out to Portage, AZ on the Arizona and New Mexico border. On skywave the best dx is TX, OK, WA, PA.

Needless to say the ground conductivity in AZ is very very poor so I have 30 radials on the ground for the inverted-L.

The only part 5 experimental station in Arizona.

Mike NR5O / WH2XAR
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  1. KF7CCC's Avatar
    Neat stuff! I'll need to listen for you below the AM broadcast band.