Why K6OZY?

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My call is a vanity. My name may be Chris, but I go by Ozy. Ever since college I unofficially changed my name because Chris was too common. I had 2 dorm mates named Chris, and at eBay, there are SIX on my team. The name came from my love for video games. If anyone has watched Hackers, they'll know that everyone needs a handle! I am especially fond of first person shooters and tend to dominate my opponents. I had to select an appropriate "Handle" to match. Prior to eBay, I had a startup company with 7 other friends called Gamers.com, so gaming was and still is a large part of my life. I owe all of my computer knowledge to gaming. I wanted to build a network so I could play Doom with roommates, thus I learned how to build a network. I wanted the best frame rate possible, so I had to constantly upgrade my computer with the best parts. Little did I know that this love for gaming ended up as a launch pad for my career.

Ozy is short for Ozymandias, or Ramses the Great. It's not short for Ozzy, or Ozzy Ozborne. Ramses was a cunning pharaoh who successfully executed many military campaigns to benefit his empire. Sounds like my play style.

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