The Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club Fall Picnic

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Great day for a picnic. Fine location and fellowship.

Neither Jean nor I had been to Rio Vista Community Park prior. Could not ask a for a better facility.

Warren NU7R and Walt N7GDP were the faces seen, but sure there were others. Warren perfected a slow cook BarBQ that left the Brats and burger done, but very moist.

Dave W7PDM and I exchanged memories of radio and TV over the last 60 plus years. Both of us have lived in Tucson and Phoenix and know many of the same places and technology in use at the time.

I mentioned to Jean it must have been boring? She said it was nice just have someone else contributing to the conversion? Way to hurt a guy Jean. )

Anyway, if you missed it, is all of our losses. Great way to include family into our hobby (obsession?). Thanks to all that made it a day to remember.

73 de KF7SLM, Jim
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  1. KF7SLM's Avatar
    Sorry for the typos. Dave's call is W7PMD and it should be burgers in place of the "burger"

    73 de KF7SLM, Jim