OK, this is new to me.

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Never had a blog before, should be interesting. It comes at a good time radio wise as I'm about to undertake some shack improvemtns, known hereafter as "Hamshack Phase III".

Phase I was simply getting my VHF/UHF station set up INSIDE the house. previously is was me on my HT outside pointing the Sat antenna at the repeater.. At the completion of Phase I, I had the FT 8900R and the Diamond 2000a triband antenna set up. Nice to be on the net without either freezing or sweating, depending on the season....

Phase II was getting the HF station on the air and consisted of stringing the G5RV Jr under the eave of the house (HOA issues) and setting up the IC-7000. I also got a Samlex SM1235M power supply which has proven more than up to the task of running the radios.

Phase IIa was gtting set up for digital operations. which entailed acquiring a Signal Link USB interface and teh aprropriate software for the various digital modes.

So I essentially have a working station, so what is phase III all about?

Well, the current statio is in the computer room and the computer is a shared one. more than once I've had to go QRT so the XYL can work or my daughter can do her homework, usually when the band are wide open..

So, I'm planning on moving the station into the living room (which, like a lot folks we don;t actually do a lot of living in). I'm gonna bring in my father in l;aws old Computer desk and se ththe station up on that. the new location will be by the main window , so I'll be uning aa MFJ 4602 window pass through to get the coax & ground into the house. It'll be worth it not haveing to drill more holes in the house. Also in the offing is a new antenna, a Hy-Gain AV-18AVQII vertical. It's 5 band vertical that will be mounted on a tilt base (again HOA). I'll keep the G5RV for the WARC bands as it does quite well there. This will save considerable $$$ over an all band vertical.

So that's tha plan, the execution will take a while as I now enter the "procurment phase" Gonna have to get thing kinda piecemeal but it'll at least give me a project to work on to fill my new years resolution.

Stay tuned for progress reports as I move forward...