Website report for February 2013 board meeting

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TBARC Website status:
Web domain is valid until May 2015
Web hosting is valid until July 2013
Email account is valid until Feb 2014
GoDaddy credit of $8.48 (for service outage) expires September 2014

What I've done since last board meeting:
  • Added metatags for roster
  • Updated board meeting dates to 2013
  • Created "Hot Topics" widget
  • Added upcoming general meeting topics, 2013 dates
  • Removed Elections notice from Notices Manager
  • Added Morse Code poll
  • Published Hamfest 2013 wrap up article
  • Unpublished Hamfest 2013 category / removed from Hot Topics widget
  • Redirected course@w7tbc.org to Andy
  • Updated info for Extra class course
  • Updated info for exam sessions
  • Wrote article on getting started in ham radio
  • Published JCL NM Open House article
  • Updated breakfast dates for 2013
  • Uploaded agendas
  • Started experimenting with Mailchimp
  • Updated net control schedule

What I'd like to do:
  • Get details for DV open house
  • Further explore MailChimp with multiple users
  • Update email addresses for new chairs (net, course, etc)
  • Migrate TBARC email to Chris's servers
  • Get offsite backups running
  • Document passwords / accounts
  • Do we need to add / change who can create web articles?
  • Get more presentations uploaded
  • Set up contacts page with contact info? (Depends what people want)

Places where we need more info:
  • Any new events?
  • Any new education?
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