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Got on the air Friday night to work a little JT65 before running out to see a show. Being Close to WAS (needing only SD), I posted on Hamspots.net that I was looking for SD for WAS, and then tuned up 14.076 on 20m. It was pretty busy but I wasnít having a lot of luck making contacts so I went back to hamspots to see if I was being heard. I saw that my earlier post had been answered by N0RQ who said he heard me but I was really weak and getting overpowered by other stations. I recognized his call, and though he lives in Texas, he operates a remote station at his other QTH in SD. We agreed to drop down to 30m and in no time I saw his SD call NT5HS calling me. He was pretty weak at -20 and it took about three tries to get the complete exchange in, but we finally got it in. So I now have some new wallpaper on the way. When all was said & done I qualified for WAS basic WAS Digital & WAS JT65 on LotW and eWAS mixed, & eWAS JT65. Now to finish up WAS on 20m (Need 5 states basic, 9 JT65) and PSK31 (need 27).

Chasing paper isnít for everyone, but for me, it gives a tangible goal and a reason to get on the air. ThereĎs always a bit of a rush when I get a new grid or state or a new DX in the log.

Last night was also a good night on the air. Worked 13 contacts on 17m, 30m & a few on 20m. 17m was busy the early part of the evening. My first CQ got an answer from VK7XX in Tasmania. Unfortunately another station jumped on top of him and I never saw his signal again. I wasnít too disappointed as Iíve worked him before, but it wouldíve been on a new band. I think the band was still open, it just died because everyone had worked everyone else, 20m, looked like a zoo, so I checked hamspots.net and saw the looked to be plenty of action on 30m, so thatís where I went. I wasnít disappointed as there was plenty going on, including a VE station calling CQ on Olivia in the middle of the pass band. Made a quick Olivia contact with him and then worked about 8 stations on 30 before it died out. I finished off with one contact on 20m. I often find the bands less traveled offer better opportunities to make contacts than the more common bands like 20m. Iíve enjoyed 30m a lot lately. If you havenít been down there, you ought to give it try.
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  1. KB7NKB's Avatar
    Congratulations on your WAS's!