Field day satellite contacts

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One very important item I omitted in my Field Day for a Nube was the satellite station.

Rick K7TEJ was fully prepared for each pass during the contest period, but trees and operators on the bird proved contacts futile. There were only a few passes, One was around 03:00 on Sunday. Rick was going to bed as Al and I were getting up. Long night.

As I understand, he did make contact at least once, but do to conditions they were not able to trade all the data needed to make it a good log? Also there were a number of operators calling CQ and taking up precious passage time.

Without a mentor, that might have been me. ) The good thing is the Ham patience and understand for the operator who is not familiar with the operating conventions for a band or mode type. Rick took it all in stride.

Rick's antenna was home made, but the tripod was from a very expensive telescope.

An other observation from a very enjoyable weekend.

73de KF7SLM, Jim
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  1. K7TEJ's Avatar

    I full well expected what I got, but to be hionest i was a bit ticked. The Bird was full of alligators (All mouth & no ears). Apparantly it happens each yuear. the problem is too many folks who don;t work sat's on a regular basis not doing their homework and just blasting the bird with 50 watts and not following accepted protocall. As an FYi, The FM birds (SO-50 & AO-27) are really nothing more than crossband repeaters. You don;t call CQ on them, you throw your call & Exchange out and wait for the repsonse then send a QSL Similar to this: "K7TEJ 4A Arizona QRZ" (Response): "K7TEJ, AJ5C 1E Arkansas), QSL?" Me AJ5C, K7TEJ QSL 73" Done. It is different on the Linear transponders of VO-52, & AO-7 (Though I heard Poor AO-7 was getting hammered.) Here you have a pass band that supports multiple QSO's So here you call CQ. The big problem on the Linrear birds again was people using way too much power. 5 watts is more than enough, in fact on the linear birds, anything much more than that causes FMing & Desense (which is what was happening to AO-7), esentially blocking other on going QSO's on the passband. 50 watts could easlity splatter the whole pass band.

    Next year Chris & I are planning to have a full Sat Station using his T-2000 & circularly polarized yagis. It should be easier to get into the Linear birds than the FM birds. By 2014 we should have at least two nmore sats up there, one FM (Fox-1) & one Linear (Funcube) mayber more (Kiwisat). that should spread the wealth and give more opportunities to get the bonus.

    And by the way the tripod for the antenna is from a cheap telescope. But it works....

  2. WA6AYS's Avatar
    Very interinsting as Charle Chan would say. Rick, will learn the ideas soon. Thanks to slim too. 73s Gunny