Field day for a nube

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I joined the club a few months before taking the Tech and General class. Got my tickets in November.

I felt welcome and accepted from the start in keeping with the traditions of the ham fraternity.

Two meter and 73 centimeter isn't all that different from my years installing and maintaining two radio systems, but HF is a whole new world.

Field Day offered an opportunity to jump in and get wet all at once. It proved to be that and more. Jack is a gracious host, he made his home, our home. Walt, Al, Gary, Chris and many others made it all happen. There was no shortage of help for those who came in a little later. The tri-band beam and its tower went up with few problems. The maypole using the 4' surplus fiberglass mast sections proved to be a little more of a challenge. ) Stacking straws end to end would be a similar feat. Those of us on the guy ends weren't sure the brains would work out the method before we all ran out of "hold". ) Eventually it reached near its design height. Unfortunately one of the 20 meter wires pulled out so we ran it some on 40 and 80.

The food was to die for. Jack can turn out eggs bacon and pancakes faster than the guys could eat them. Walt ran the toaster. lunches were a little less intense. We got pizza for Thursday and Friday dinner. Saturday dinner was lasagna wt. meatballs or bratwurst on the side. I was so stuffed by that time I slept through dinner.

Al and I worked our last session Sunday in Jack's camper from 03:00 to 07:00 on 40. We were hearing a lot, but they weren't hearing us. Around 5 contacts in 4 hours!

Finally after breakfast all the gear was pulled down and put away in short order. Leftovers was the fair for lunch.

I was home by around 15:15.

This was the most enjoyable 4 days I have had in a long time. If you haven't been to a Field Day at Jack's, I would recommend it. Fellowship, intense contesting, different equipment and antenna experiences. The digital, CW, 6 meter and 20 meter teams racked up a new record of contacts as I understand it. Several kids got their appetites whetted for a ticket. It was a fun time. I will return.

73 de KF7SLM, Jim
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