Hamshack Phase III

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OK, Hamshack Phase III is underway. Phase IIIA will be the installation of a new antenna, a Hy-Gain AV18VQII, an 18 foot, 5 band trapped vertical. But Rick, you live in an HOA, how are you gonna get an 18foot antenna past the prying eyes of the HOA? Simple, Iím going to make a tilt mount, similar to the Hy-Gain tilt mount ($69.99). It is simple enough in design to reverse engineer. I figure about $20.00-$30.00 in parts from Home Depot. Of course this weekend threw a little snag in the plans- the Lemon tree in the corner of the yard where the antenna is going to go blew over with this weekendís storm, so Iíve gotta get it cut up & out of the way first. Thought this could be a blessing in disguise. Since the coax run from the new antenna will be 100í to the current location (130í to the future location), I want to use a bette grade of coax to minimize loss. I found a source for RG213/U for just under a dollar/foot. (ABR industries: www.abrind.com), so the delay will give me the time to scare up the money for the coax.

In the meantime, Iíve been creeping ever closer to WAS on JT65 (the award is from Eqsl.cc). I also learned of a grid award for JT65, sponsored by the Troy Amateur Radio Association, http://www.n2ty.org/. They also have a digital grid award for 300 grids on any of the digital modes. With PSK & JT65 factored in Iím about 2/3 the way to both.

Speaking of awards, did I mention that I finally was awarded the VUCC Satellite Award, Certificate #227? Yup got the nice piece of wallpaper this past week.

Looking forward to the spring picinic, coming up, hope to see you all there.

Till then 73