30 meters was hoppin last night

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Last night was a good one for playing radio. Got on the air about 2300ut and fisrt had a nice 40 minute Olivia QSO with Alan W1NDY in Oregon. We've talked before and it always nice to chat with odl Firends on the air. Last time we talked he was in the middle of an Ice storm tha froxe the rotor on his beam. I asked and fortunatley the antenna suvived the storm. (And the two mag. 6.0 earthquakes!). He live tright on the coast and as I kind of figured his call is based on the wind storms they get there. Good thing I was typing, cuz i don;t think I could say his call as anyting other than "WINDY".

After our chat I looked to see where the JT65 action was and noted a bunch of spot on hamspots.net on 30m around 10.108.00. So I went down there and tuned up and man was it hopping. Lots of decodes and plenty of calls both worked and not worked. I answered a few CQ's and then called CQ myself. Pretty much every CQ i threw out got a callback and by 0345UT I'd worked every call i saw on the decode. I'm pretty sure the band was still open , but by then I think everyone who played had worked everyone else as well, so things died down by then.

All said & done, I wokred 10 stations over 2 hours (Not including the hour off to watch the Big bang Theory), which in JT65 is pretty much about all you can get, given the 6-7 minutes to make a QSO on this mode, Some were pretty weak as well. WB0LCW was -24 signal, I didn't even see his trace on the waterfall. Almost missed his callback as I didn't think I had anything..

All in all it was a satisfying night of radio fun., which will proabably have to last me till next week as the weekend is gonna be spent at the theatre.

Give 30m a try if you haven't. when it open it can be quite a lot of fun..

Till next time
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