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    Upgrade from Technician to General and work HF DX before the current excellent propagation conditions end.

    Classes will be held Saturday mornings 9 am to ...
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    We met in Flagstaff for Field Day 2014, hosted by ex-president Jack Lunsford KD7RCJ.

    The points are still being counted up, but ...
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    On Saturday, June 21 TBARC EmComm volunteers joined with Salvation Army and MCECG volunteers to learn about handling formal message traffic in a jointly-organized ...

    Early on the morning of June 14, we moved the 147.040 repeater from the Sonoran Medical Center to JCL Deer Valley Hospital.

    The link radio was not fully installed yet. It will be operational shortly, but the stand alone 147.040+ PL 162.2 repeater appears to have good range. Gary WK7B would like to hear some distance reports.

    Thanks to those who braved the early morning hours:
    • Gary Duffield
    • Kent Fuge
    • Walt Reinert
    • Mike Sussman

    Now that we are into 2014, I would like to invite all TBARC members to think about joining the EmComm Team. As you may be ...
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    In the summertime, the Thunderbird School of Global Management shuts down the rooms we regularly use for our meetings to save on air conditioning. So instead, we will meet in the Snell classroom, room 23. This room has been confirmed for May; check back later for June, July and August. Same time, just a little bit southwest of our usual meeting place.

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    Our 70cm repeater on 446.150 has been relocated. Thanks to the hard work of Gary WK7B and other club members, it is now in test mode on White Tanks, and seems to be reaching much further out than it did when it was on John C. Lincoln Deer Valley.

    It's linked to the other repeaters and ready for use. Give it a try!

    446.150 MHz, offset -5 MHz, PL 100.0
    by Published on 01-26-2014 08:09 PM
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    A group of TBARC members went out to the JCL Sonoran repeater link to install it on January 19. They brought back pictures!

    Present were:

    Ron Achoa WB6FRV
    Angel ...

    On December 22, a group of TBARC members (Bryan N7BES, Walt N7GDP, Gary WK7B and Warren NU7R) got the new repeater installed. Thanks for getting it up and running!

    Click here for the full gallery of pictures.
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    At the annual banquet, TBARC president Walt Reinert announced his selection for the TBARC Ham of the Year for 2013. The recipient was Chris Johnson, K6OZY.

    Among other things, Chris is the activities committee chair, maintains the website hardware, and is the upcoming vice president of TBARC.

    Congratulations, Chris!