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    We recently learned that Edwin ("Ed") Harold Braatelien Jr., KF7EWP, died on June 1 after a long battle with cancer. Ed was 84 years old. He is survived by two sons (including Tom, KF7IDB), five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

    Ed was a long standing member of TBARC and a volunteer examiner. He used to check in the TBARC's Tuesday Net as short-timer. He was a very kind and reserved person. He always supported our net and other club activities, even though his health was in decline. You'd see him at TBARC's meeting with his son Tom. They usually sat next to each other on the right side of the room. Ed was a member of a number of other clubs in the valley as well.

    More details are available in the Arizona Republic obituary. Ed's presence will be missed.

    For August 15, 2018 only, the VE session location will change to:

    Room 1AB
    Cowden Center at John C Lincoln Medical Center Campus
    9202 North Second Street
    Phoenix, Arizona
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    At the board meeting, it was a very good realization that Thunderbird is a great organization. The Club has so much in progress, we had to cut things short because the place was closing.

    I would love to mention all the people by name, but I am not going to take the risk of forgetting ...

    Field Day 2018 June 22 to June 24

    Where: Jack’s Cabin, 6850 Orange Box Drive, Flagstaff, AZ
    Who: TBARC Members and families, invited Hams, prospective Hams, interested persons, well behaved dogs.

    Why: Have fun, practice radio skills, test and demonstrate emergency communications capability. Promote good will with emergency responders, elected officials and the public.

    Accommodations: Camping, Tent Trailers, Tents, RV, or bunk in the cabin loft (bring sleeping bag)

    Cost: All weekend $ 30.00, or breakfast $ 5.00, lunch $ 6.00, dinner $ 10.00 for short timers Payable by June 18.

    Friday June 22:
    Set up starts at 11:00 AM (1800 Z). Dutch treat lunch and dinner.

    Saturday June 23
    0730 (1430 Z) Breakfast
    0830 (1530 Z) Set up
    1100 (1800 Z) On the Air
    1200 (1900 Z) Lunch
    1830 (0130 Z) Dinner

    Sunday June 24:
    0730 (1430 Z) Breakfast
    1100 (1800 Z) Sign off at end of 24 hour period
    1115 (1815 Z) Take down
    1200 (1900 Z) Lunch
    1530 (2230 Z) Finish – see you next year

    Past president Jack Lunsford, KD7RCJ, has been published recently.

    His article is in QST:and he's on the cover of the CQ calendar!

    (photo: Alana Laird KG7NGF)

    Congratulations, Jack!

    Thanks to Alana Laird KG7NGF, we now have even more photos!

    Check out the updated galleries:

    Field Day 2017
    August Escape at Sunset Crater

    Thanks Alana!

    At the recent dinner, our outgoing president Gary Duffield WK7B announced the results of the recent election. In 2018, the board will consist of:

    • President: Brian McCarthy AK7F
    • Vice President: Chris Johnson K6OZY
    • Secretary: Gary Cline AF7BJ
    • Treasurer: Darren Johnson AF7CO
    • Director 2017, 2018: Wayne Hale W6IZK
    • Director 2017, 2018: Robert Fairfield K7RQN
    • Director 2018, 2019: Clair Wyant KG7MAJ
    • Director 2018, 2019: Andrew Cornwall KF7CCC
    • Immediate Past President: Gary Duffield WK7B

    Thanks to everyone who ran. You are part of what makes the club active and interesting!
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    The new TBARC constitution and by-laws come into effect November 1, as voted on by the members.