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    The Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club is always looking for ways to improve your experience at our annual hamfest. Wit that in mind, we again will be holding presentations on topics of interest to radio amateurs. ...

    The Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club hamfest for 2019 has finalized location and been announced. See the flyer for details and more information.
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    The October meeting will begin early - right at 7:00 pm - so we can give as much time as possible to our guest presenter.

    Ned Stearns AA7A will talk about the Baker Island 2018 DXpedition. Baker Island finished up in early July, so we'll be among the first to hear the news.

    Ned is the Vice Director of the ARRL Southwestern Division and always an entertaining speaker. We're glad to have him - join us at the meeting on October 19th - at 7:00 pm sharp!
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    Due to schedule mismatches, we've had to update our meeting calendar for September. Luckily, we've snagged a good one! In the September general meeting, the main presentation will be:

    Grounding, Bonding and the NEC for Hams by Andy Keels KD4ABB

    Andy is a Senior Electrical Engineer in his day job at SRP, and is also an entertaining speaker. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how your shack can be grounded, bonded and up to code!
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    Thanks to Gary AF7BJ, we have pictures of Field Day 2018 this year!


    Go to the Gallery to see all of them!

    We recently learned that Edwin ("Ed") Harold Braatelien Jr., KF7EWP, died on June 1 after a long battle with cancer. Ed was 84 years old. He is survived by two sons (including Tom, KF7IDB), five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

    Ed was a long standing member of TBARC and a volunteer examiner. He used to check in the TBARC's Tuesday Net as short-timer. He was a very kind and reserved person. He always supported our net and other club activities, even though his health was in decline. You'd see him at TBARC's meeting with his son Tom. They usually sat next to each other on the right side of the room. Ed was a member of a number of other clubs in the valley as well.

    More details are available in the Arizona Republic obituary. Ed's presence will be missed.

    For August 15, 2018 only, the VE session location will change to:

    Room 1AB
    Cowden Center at John C Lincoln Medical Center Campus
    9202 North Second Street
    Phoenix, Arizona
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    At the board meeting, it was a very good realization that Thunderbird is a great organization. The Club has so much in progress, we had to cut things short because the place was closing.

    I would love to mention all the people by name, but I am not going to take the risk of forgetting ...