• Mid-year update

    At the board meeting, it was a very good realization that Thunderbird is a great organization. The Club has so much in progress, we had to cut things short because the place was closing.

    I would love to mention all the people by name, but I am not going to take the risk of forgetting someone. What has become obvious, is we need more help to complete our many projects.

    White Tanks Regrade
    One of our largest projects is the rebuild of the White Tanks Site. To date, we have:

    1. Secured a better location (156' on the tower)
    2. Updated the coordinations
    3. Relocated the VHF from the Hospital to the Mountain
    4. Completed the temporary install for testing
    5. Hosted some of the Tuesday nets

    We are far from done and always looking for more help. In particular, we need 4x4s to gain access to the mountaintop site. We will be recovering the equipment on June 30th to rebuild the rack and should be re-installing it within the week.

    VE Testing
    We have become a popular testing site for Phoenix. we have had people drive cross town, or into town to upgrade or get their new license. The VE team has been very diligent to handle all of the testing. To join the ve team, or upgrade your license, email ve@w7tbc.org

    Our January Hamfest was very successful for the Club. As successful as we have been, the church did not grant permission for 2019. We are looking for a new location. Please let me know if you have time to make some calls to find a potential location. To help out, email hamfest@w7tbc.org

    We still have an Extra Class planned for the fall. Alex is requesting help teaching and referrals for potential students for the class. Please pass this opportunity around over the summer. To Enroll, teach or volunteer, email course@w7tbc.org

    As a club, we have been increasing awareness of our club through social media. We have an active Facebook page and use Meetme.com to publicize our meetings. Please welcome the new members when they come to the meeting. To provide ideas or volunteer, email socialmedia@w7tbc.org

    Emergency Communications
    We have plans to meet with Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club and jointly propose a plan to Honor Health. This includes setting up repeaters and developing an Emergency Communications System with the Hospital. If you would like to participate, please email emscomm@w7tbc.org.

    Although it may not have been visible, the board have been making the changes required for us as a 501(c)(3). New Paypal account, better financial accounting, reduced rates for monthly meetings, etc.

    In addition, we have setup a common storage for the club equipment. Tracking of our equipment is important as a 501(c)(3). The Club will need a Property Chairman to help track the equipment. If you can help, please email president@w7tbc.org.

    I am sure I missed something, but Thunderbird has been busy. Please email me with anything the club should continue to do, stop doing or start to do. I can always be reached via email, president@w7tbc.org, or by phone 623-670-0410.