AZ QSO PARTY 2017
    October 14 and 15, 2017
    Two operating periods:
    1600Z (10th) to 0600Z (11th) (9am-11pm MST Sat)
    1400Z (11th) to 2359Z (11th) (7am-4:59pm MST Sun)
    Where: Jack’s Cabin 6850 Orange Box Drive, Flagstaff, AZ
    Set-Up: Similar to Field Day CW, Phone and Digital Station
    Who: TBARC Members and families, invited Hams, prospective Hams, interested persons, well behaved dogs.
    Why: Have fun, practice radio skills, fun event to put AZ on the map and enjoy the cool of Northern AZ
    Accommodations: Camping, Tent Trailers, Tents, RV, or bunk in the cabin loft (bring sleeping bag)
    Sign Up on TBARC Web Site Calendar or e-mail nj8g@cox.net
    Full Weekend $30.00 or by Meal for short timers
    Breakfast $ 5.00, Lunch $ 6.00 Dinner $10.00
    Payable via PayPal payments@w7tbc.org or at Sept 21 General Meeting