• 2015 Election Results / Ham of the Year 2014

    As is customary at the December meeting, the president announced the results of the election. Here they are:

    President: Gary Duffield WK7B
    Vice President: Chris Johnson K6OZY
    Secretary: Jack York KE7VOU
    Treasurer: Darren Johnson AF7CO

    For the director position, we had a tie. Bryan Stembridge agreed to open his position to a new person. So the directors are:

    Director 2014-2015: Andrew Cornwall KF7CCC
    Director 2014-2015: Rick Tejera K7TEJ
    Director 2015-2016: Bill Jordan KG7NBE
    Director 2015-2016: Jim Moore WB7ENX

    As is also traditional, the president named the Ham of the Year. This year, it was Walt Reinert N7GDP, whose efforts on behalf of the club have been incredible. Thanks, Walt!

    Thanks also to everyone who ran for election, and congratulations!