• Field Day 2014 - what a blast!

    We met in Flagstaff for Field Day 2014, hosted by ex-president Jack Lunsford KD7RCJ.

    The points are still being counted up, but here are some statistics:

    • We operated with Flex radios (including some kindly lent by FlexRadio for the purpose)
    • Everyone who took an amateur license exam with our volunteer examiners went home with either a new ticket or an upgrade (4 new techs, 2 upgrades to general, 2 direct to general)
    • We had a visit from elected officials
    • We had a visit from the Salvation Army as a served agency
    • We passed 10 messages
    • We passed an NTS message to our SEC
    • The food was amazing
    • The company was even better
    • You can see the Field Day 2014 photo gallery here.