• New to Ham Radio?

    There's a lot to learn in amateur radio. Sometimes it can seem pretty overwhelming. Luckily, there are lots of people who would like to help you. Amateur radio has a tradition of "Elmers" - people who are willing to share their skills and experience with others.

    I don't yet have an amateur radio license

    You will need an amateur radio license to transmit. You don't need one to listen! You can listen to hams on scanners and short wave radios. On scanners, try 145.0 - 148.0 MHz FM. On short wave radios, listen around 14.150 - 14.350 in upper sideband or "USB" mode, if your radio supports it.

    If want to learn how to get an amateur radio license, click here to find out how.

    I just got an amateur radio license. What next?

    Once you've got an amateur radio license, it can sometimes feel like there's a mountain to climb. Don't worry, there are guides along the way.

    First, you'll probably want to set up your station. That means you'll need a radio. Here are some articles that might get you started:

    I have more questions

    Great! There are lots of ways to get them answered.

    Rick found a very useful article on JT65A and JT9. It's available here.

    The Old Codger's Guide to JT65A and JT9 via WSJT-X Software
    By Andy K3UK
    (This article may be freely reproduced with credit to the author)
    Version 1.01 , a work in progress.