• Club Repeaters

    The Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club (TBARC) has three repeaters. The 446 MHz repeater is on White Tanks mountain and provides good wide area coverage, while the 2m repeaters are mounted on hospitals in the North Phoenix area. TBARC provides emergency communications services for these hospitals.

    The TBARC 70 cm repeater, W7TBC WT, is located on White Tanks Mountain and provides good coverage around the valley. The repeater operates on 446.150 Mhz with a minus 5 Mhz offset and a 100 Hz sub-audible tone.

    The first TBARC 2m repeater, W7TBC NM, is located at the John C. Lincoln Hospital, North Mountain (Sunnyslope), Second Street and Dunlap Ave. The repeater operates on 146.70 MHz with a minus 600 kHz offset and a 162.2 Hz sub-audible tone.

    The second TBARC 2m repeater, W7TBC DV, is located at the John C. Lincoln, Deer Valley Hospital, 27th Avenue and Beardsley Road. The repeater operates on 147.040 with a plus 600 kHz offset and a 162.2 Hz sub-audible tone.

    All three repeaters are linked.

    Net Info
    Net scripts and the net control schedule can be found here: