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  1. Why K6OZY?

    My call is a vanity. My name may be Chris, but I go by Ozy. Ever since college I unofficially changed my name because Chris was too common. I had 2 dorm mates named Chris, and at eBay, there are SIX on my team. The name came from my love for video games. If anyone has watched Hackers, they'll know that everyone needs a handle! I am especially fond of first person shooters and tend to dominate my opponents. I had to select an appropriate "Handle" to match. Prior to eBay, ...
  2. OK, this is new to me.

    Never had a blog before, should be interesting. It comes at a good time radio wise as I'm about to undertake some shack improvemtns, known hereafter as "Hamshack Phase III".

    Phase I was simply getting my VHF/UHF station set up INSIDE the house. previously is was me on my HT outside pointing the Sat antenna at the repeater.. At the completion of Phase I, I had the FT 8900R and the Diamond 2000a triband antenna set up. Nice to be on the net without either freezing or sweating, ...
  3. Things to do

    Hooray, we're moved to the new website!

    ./irlp.html ...
  4. TBARC WebSite Outline

    This is a personal log of steps needed for TBARC completion.

    Installed vbFour Free theme by digitalvb
    Donate $10 to removing branding

    User Registration customization
    Changed all references to "CallSign"
    Added custom Spam catcher question
    Enabled reCAPTCHA
    Created TBARC Member group
    Restricted registered users group

    Calendar setup
    Create Private Calendar
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