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  1. 30 meters was hoppin last night

    Last night was a good one for playing radio. Got on the air about 2300ut and fisrt had a nice 40 minute Olivia QSO with Alan W1NDY in Oregon. We've talked before and it always nice to chat with odl Firends on the air. Last time we talked he was in the middle of an Ice storm tha froxe the rotor on his beam. I asked and fortunatley the antenna suvived the storm. (And the two mag. 6.0 earthquakes!). He live tright on the coast and as I kind of figured his call is based on the wind storms they get there. ...
  2. 3 degrees of seperation?

    Every now and again I'm surpised at how small this world can become. One would think talking to people around the world on a regular basis on the radio, one would take that for granted, but once in a while something happens the drives the point home.

    oOne of my regular Satellite contacts, Bob AJ5C, whose home QTH is Arkansas (EM36), was spendin the winter with friends in the Dominican Republic. He'd been browsing around on youtube and sent me this little snippet: ...
  3. Lost Sleep

    I normally get up at 0430 to get to work on time. As much of a pain as that is Iíll endure it as I get out of work and home with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day, plus I miss all the traffic.. So I do enjoy the opportunity to sleep in on weekends (which is usually about 0700-0800, something my daughter, who can sleep till noon, canít comprehend). So why on earth would I get up at that early on a weekend?? Radio, of course. This past weekend I dragged myself out of bed early to help man ...
  4. Website report for March 2012 board meeting

    TBARC Website status:
    Web domain is valid until May 2012 (need to renew)
    Web hosting is valid until July 2013
    Email account is valid until Feb 2014

    What I've done since last board meeting:
    • Added all of the galleries
    • Added article on W7A to front page
    • Updated calendar to include Walt's W7A info
    • Added all 2011 meeting agendas
    • Added all 2011 meeting minutes
    • Added members-only section
    • Added committee overview
    • Added 2012 minutes and agendas
    • Added
  5. Dinosaurs can Blog

    Not sure what a blog is but I am so impressed by the new TBARC web site I had to give it a try. Chris has done a fantastic job on this new web site and it is just another reason why TBARC is the growing vibrant club it is. If a member has not seen the value of their membership, then they are just not trying hard enough. Great programs, lots of hands on activities and a board of directors and committee chairs who are constantly working to make things better. Our growing diversity is also making us ...
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