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  1. WAS & more

    Got on the air Friday night to work a little JT65 before running out to see a show. Being Close to WAS (needing only SD), I posted on that I was looking for SD for WAS, and then tuned up 14.076 on 20m. It was pretty busy but I wasn’t having a lot of luck making contacts so I went back to hamspots to see if I was being heard. I saw that my earlier post had been answered by N0RQ who said he heard me but I was really weak and getting overpowered by other stations. I recognized his call, ...
  2. Website report for August 2012 board meeting

    TBARC Website status:
    Web domain is valid until May 2015
    Web hosting is valid until July 2013
    Email account is valid until Feb 2014

    What I've done since last board meeting:
    • Downgraded all non-paid-up members (except for 2 with payment on the way)
    • Removed Williams Hamfest article
    • Updated Field Day article with point scores
    • Entitled 3 TBARC members, 2 new other users
    • Added board minutes, agenda
    • Added homepage article about new board meeting room
    • Added
  3. Apologies for spam.

    Recently had people from an old email address book used to send spam under my name. My apologies. To all affected. I have taken steps to preclude reoccurance. . Will do more if problem persists. Again my apologies.
    Jim AE7JP
  4. Field day satellite contacts

    One very important item I omitted in my Field Day for a Nube was the satellite station.

    Rick K7TEJ was fully prepared for each pass during the contest period, but trees and operators on the bird proved contacts futile. There were only a few passes, One was around 03:00 on Sunday. Rick was going to bed as Al and I were getting up. Long night.

    As I understand, he did make contact at least once, but do to conditions they were not able to trade all the data needed to make ...
  5. Field day for a nube

    I joined the club a few months before taking the Tech and General class. Got my tickets in November.

    I felt welcome and accepted from the start in keeping with the traditions of the ham fraternity.

    Two meter and 73 centimeter isn't all that different from my years installing and maintaining two radio systems, but HF is a whole new world.

    Field Day offered an opportunity to jump in and get wet all at once. It proved to be that and more. Jack is a gracious ...
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