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  1. Hamshack Pahse IIIa has begun!

    OK, Finally got underway with getting the new antenna up. I ordered the Channel Stock for the tilt mount from Industrial Metal Supply at 48th & Roesser (Across from Diablo Stadium). Cut it to order for me for $25.00. Hinged the bottom using a 1/4-20 Bolt and nylon washers and ran a hole through the top to secure it with another 1/4-20 bolt. A few adjustments and it works fine. Spent yesterday whacking the post into the ground. Went in fine the first foot and then spent an hour whacking it ...
  2. Hamshack Phase III

    OK, Hamshack Phase III is underway. Phase IIIA will be the installation of a new antenna, a Hy-Gain AV18VQII, an 18 foot, 5 band trapped vertical. But Rick, you live in an HOA, how are you gonna get an 18foot antenna past the prying eyes of the HOA? Simple, Iím going to make a tilt mount, similar to the Hy-Gain tilt mount ($69.99). It is simple enough in design to reverse engineer. I figure about $20.00-$30.00 in parts from Home Depot. Of course this weekend threw a little snag in the plans- the ...
  3. Website report for April 2012 board meeting

    TBARC Website status:
    Web domain is valid until May 2015
    Web hosting is valid until July 2013
    Email account is valid until Feb 2014

    What I've done since last board meeting:
    • Renewed web domain
    • Added Antenna Build gallery
    • Added Jack's course material / created 2011, 2012 subsections
    • Added article for Spring picnic
    • Added article about ARCA HOTY
    • Uploaded new trifold brochure
    • Added Jack's updated Extra course material
    • Added Larry's Extra course material
    • Added
  4. Extra Class Course needs the loan of ARRL License Manual, Level 3 Extra

    One of our Students reports that HRO is out of Extra Class License Manuals. If any body has one they are willing to loan to us for the cass please bring it to the Breakfast on Saturday or get in touch with me.
    Jack KD7RCJ
  5. 30 meters was hoppin last night

    Last night was a good one for playing radio. Got on the air about 2300ut and fisrt had a nice 40 minute Olivia QSO with Alan W1NDY in Oregon. We've talked before and it always nice to chat with odl Firends on the air. Last time we talked he was in the middle of an Ice storm tha froxe the rotor on his beam. I asked and fortunatley the antenna suvived the storm. (And the two mag. 6.0 earthquakes!). He live tright on the coast and as I kind of figured his call is based on the wind storms they get there. ...
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