1. electron tubes for the transatlantic cable.

    The above name will bring up a number of sources to the Bell and British Post Office development and production of tubes for repeaters in the marine cables. I would guess that many of us who grew up with tubes seldom studied about tubes with a 20 plus year life span.

    The BPO used 3 tubes per repeater, Bell used 2. They were pentodes. The materals were refined to a point where the chance of cause of failure could not be traced to mineral content, plating, thermal expansion, or out ...
  2. Lighting protection overview

    I found this 15 page article on one of my forums. It gives a number of considerations for protection.

    73 de KF7SLM, JIM

    Here's a really good article on lighting protection. Newer construction is less susceptible as PVC water pipes they use now are non-conductive so ground path to your home is quite a bit less likely.

    Also, a friend of mine is an ex-Harris installation engineer and recommends you loop all cables. Lightning doesn't ...